Jenny O’Brien is a professional and experienced wedding ceremony singer who can offer you the perfect music for your wedding ceremony.

Performing within the Irish wedding industry for many years, Jenny can provide you with a huge variety of songs and lots of advice to personalise your music choices.

Couples often ask…..

What kind of ceremony does Jenny perform at?

Over the years Jenny has performed at many Church and Civil ceremonies – from Catholic, Humanist, HSE Registrar Civil, Church of Ireland, Spiritual, Interfaith, Celtic, Scottish Presbyterian, Solemniser Civil, and various forms of marriage blessing.

How do we start choosing our music?

The best plan begins with the two most important pieces – your Entrance and Exit music. These bookend the proceedings and can set the tone for choosing other pieces complimentary to your particular ceremony plan.

What style of music will Jenny perform for us?

Jenny can offer you a wide variety of styles for your ceremony. Maybe you’d prefer sacred or classical pieces for your church wedding, or rather something more contemporary or quirky for your ceremony, or indeed a mixture of other music genres – jazz, irish traditional, or a pop song. Jenny can happily switch between styles and is equally comfortable performing anything from Ave Maria, to Adele, to Metallica πŸ™‚

We have a favourite piece of music, can Jenny learn it for us?

Yes, wherever possible, and with adequate notice, she will learn and perform a special piece of music – always happy to extend her repertoire.

How many songs do we need for our ceremony?

You can use the suggested ceremony guides here as a starting point, and Jenny will be discussing the exact structure of your ceremony and the necessary number of pieces with you as you move toward your date.

How do we book and do we pay a booking fee?

As with all suppliers, a booking fee is required to reserve your wedding ceremony booking, for your specified date and location – you can contact Jenny to check her availability for your date and from there she will send you all the information you need to organise your booking.

Can my aunty/brother/bridesmaid perform a song during the ceremony?

Yes, of course! Jenny can accommodate any of your guests who you wish to partake in the music element of your ceremony. Once the request comes from you, and with adequate notice, she can advise when and where this might be most appropriate as it’s always very meaningful when a close friend or family member perfoms a special song for you. She will use her professional experience to make them comfortable and at ease as it can be nerve-wracking but always works out fine πŸ™‚

You’ll find lots of information on this website about how to choose, book and decide your own wedding ceremony music – with songlists and ceremony samples, along with videos, soundclips, reviews and more, which hopefully you will find helpful, for planning the very best music for your wedding ceremony. You can reach Jenny at and on 087 4685365.

Check your date…

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