Please email your enquiry to

087 4685365

What happens next…

1. Confirming Availability – Jenny will check and confirm her availability for the date and location of your wedding ceremony.

2. Information Email – You will receive an email containing all the important information you need for completing your wedding music booking. This email will include details on pricing, booking fee requirements,and video links.

3. Booking Fee – To confirm your booking and secure your date, as with all other wedding suppliers, you will be required to pay a booking fee which serves as a payment to reserve your date exclusively for your ceremony. This amount is part of the full fee, with the agreed remainder due to be paid in full on or before your wedding date.

4. Working on your Ceremony Music – You can begin making your music choices as soon as you are ready. Wherever possible, Jenny is happy to meet with you in person, and is also available for you to have a chat on the phone, or to email, about your music at any stage. Your music lists, suggestions, and all info regarding your ceremony is included and specially allocated to your personal ceremony file.

Booking Terms: The payment & receipt of your booking fee serves as a contract between you, the wedding couple, and your professional wedding music supplier, to both honour your booking on the date and at the location specified at the time of booking. A booking is confirmed once the booking fee has been paid and acknowledged.

This fee covers the cost of all administration, music consultation – emails, phone calls, meetings etc – relevant to your booking, and the reservation of your date solely for you. As such it is non-refundable in the unlikely event of you cancelling your booking, with only exception to this being where your musician becomes unavailable on your date for an unforseen reason.

The remaining portion of your fee covers the cost of music service on the date of your ceremony, including performance, all professional sound and instrument equipment used, travel, and accommodation fees where applicable. Cancellations due to other external circumstances – ie. significant change in venue location, constraints imposed by your venue/celebrant, change of mind etc. – are not subject to booking fee return. Your acceptance of the contract by making your booking indicates that these conditions are fully understood.

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