Civil, Humanist & Spiritual Ceremonies


When you choose to have a civil ceremony, or any other kind of non-church ceremony, you can really have as much or as little music as you would like.

This can compliment readings, poetry and enhance popular symbolic elements such as hand fastening and sand pouring ceremonies.

Civil ceremonies can take place in a far greater number of venues currently than they could in the past. From a simple registry office, to a function room decorated complete with aisle and floral arrangements, your selection of music for your ceremony can be equally varied and is totally down to your own personal choice.

Spiritual, Interfaith and Humanist ceremonies are now a firmly established alternative to traditional church weddings. While civil ceremonies are strictly non-religious, with other ceremony types you can have a wide range of music and as much or as little inclusion of religious content as you wish, determined by your chosen celebrant’s advice and guidance.

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