Planning A Hen Party?

“Thank you so much for a brilliant night of music and craic!”

Helen, bride, and her hens

With many years of experience providing party and music entertainment, Jenny is equally comfortable with a small private group, or an audience of hundreds. Having played the piano by ear since a very young age, she’s very well equipped to cater for any kind of requests a party may have, and is excellent at engaging with your guests for a fun and memorable night of music!

Having nearly two decades of experience on the gigging scene, Jenny has a virtually limitless repertoire and will happily respond to the needs and requests of your guests, from sophisticated music to accompany a formal dinner, to full on party singsong mode. She can offer you a very tailored repertoire to suit exactly what you need.

Whether your guests are in the mood for some singalong power-ballads, classic jazz numbers, soft background music, rocking 80’s anthems, or bang-up-to-date contemporary tunes, anything from Adele to Bananarama, from Bon Jovi to Ella Fitzgerald, from the Beatles to Whitney Heuston, from Motown and Aretha to the Pogues and Kirsty McColl, from Irish Ballads to Lulu, from Dirty Dancing to Downtown, from Radio Gaga to Lady Gaga… Jenny can cover the lot and more, and will guarantee you and your hens a great night of music and craic!

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